Murphy’s Laws for Runners

running feet for murphys laws for runners

For all of the joggers and runners

  1. If the road you are running on becomes narrow, that is the moment where cars coming from opposite directions will appear.
  2. When running hills on a windy day, you will always have a headwind while running uphill and a tailwind when running downhill.
  3. When running a loop, the weather will change the moment you change directions to that you will always have a headwind.
  4. You will step in a muddy puddle during your first run in bright shiny new shoes.
  5. An out-and-back with rolling hills always seems to be uphill both ways.
  6. The rain will start about five minutes into your run and stop five minutes before you finish.
  7. The sudden, desperate urge to poop will always strike at the point at which you are furthest from a toilet.
  8. The moment you start feeling confident about your training and are excited to race, you will get injured.
  9. One week before your goal race, you will wake up with a stuffed-up nose.

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