Murphy’s Law for the Lotto

lotto balls for article murphys law for the lotto

For all of the instant millionaires

  • You check the paper and discover you have all six numbers, but the newspaper misprinted two of the numbers.
  • The Jackpot gets to $40,000,000, and the numbers match all the numbers on your lotto slip, but you forgot to buy your ticket.
  • The Jackpot gets to $40,000,000, and you finally win, then you find out 3,000 other people also won first place.
  • You match four numbers, but you lost your ticket.
  • You’ve been playing the same numbers in the Lotto since the beginning. Then they change the Lotto game saying, “It’s what the people wanted.”
  •  The only time you win, it’s a pitifully small amount.
  • Your spouse wins, then leaves you.
  • You finally hit it big. Then you find out all the friends you never had.
  • You finally hit it big. Then you die the same day.
  • Whoever wins either is already rich or has won at least once before.

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