Murphy’s Law for Public Transportation

bus station for article murphys law for public transportation

For those reducing their carbon footprint

  • If it’s raining, cold or both the bus will be late.
  • If you think you have lots of time before your bus arrives, you read the timetable wrong.
  • If you’re early, the bus is late.
  •  If you’re late, the bus was early.
  • If you do not change, the bus driver won’t have any either.
  • Two busses for the same destination will always pull in together.
  • The sign at the front of the bus is merely for decoration. It is not the destination of the bus.
  • Waiting for a bus seems to be longer than the journey.
  • The hotter it is outside, the greater the chance there’s no air conditioning.
  • The first bus from your route will always appear first in the opposite direction.
  • If you need to catch the last bus of the day, it left two minutes ago.
  • If you light a cigarette, the bus will come.
  • The bus schedule is known as one of the most creative and vividly imaginary forms of fiction ever devised by man.
  • If you must take a bus, there’s a strike.
  • Irrespective of time and route, the bus you take is always crowded.
  • The bus you do not need is always empty.
  • No matter who you sit next to, they will start a cell phone conversation about their boyfriend or their Mother’s operation.

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