Murphy’s Law for Cars

tree on car for article murphys law for cars
  • Being dead right doesn’t make you any less dead.
  • The largest vehicle always has the right of way.
  • You only get pulled over when you were just trying to make the light.
  • When there are three other cars on the road, the drivers are drunk, and there’s no cop in sight.
  • Hotrods are never seen but often heard.
  • You finally save up enough to fix your car, and you get fired.
  • The car only breaks down at the least convenient time. When your car breaks down, and it is a small repair, the mechanic has to remove the engine to get to that part.
  • No matter how well kept the car is, an oil leak will develop.
  • When you take your car to a mechanic because it makes a funny sound, you will not be able to demonstrate it for the mechanic, nor will you be able to describe it.
  • Washing your car constitutes a rain dance to the raining gods.
  • There’s always parking space when driving a 4X4.
  • If you drop something while working on your car, it will always roll to the middle of the car, out of reach.
  • The temperature of vinyl seat covers is inversely proportional to the length of your skirt or shorts.
  • The cleaner the windscreen, the stronger the magnetism to insects.
  •  One minute after you exit the carwash, a large insect will splotch on your windscreen.
  • When you waive the extra insurance, your rental car will be vandalized.
  • After your rental car has been vandalized, the replacement will be broken into – probably on the same day.

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