Murphy’s Law for 4 x 4’s

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  • The shortest distance between 2 points is by 4X4.
  • Mud pools are always deeper than they appear.
  • The winch of a 4X4 is always just a little too short to reach a good hold.
  • Mud tends to go where you do not want it to go…
  • You will blow a tire when in the middle of the mud.
  • The heavier the SUV, the deeper it sinks.
  • There’s never a tree around when you’re stuck in the mud.
  • The bigger the tires the deeper the track.
  • The tire blows at that time in which it is most needed.
  • Water always is deeper than it appears.
  • Your snorkel is always an inch too short when it comes down to taking a dive.
  • A 4X4 is twice the fun of a 2WD and costs the same.
  • No matter where you go you always cut corners.
  • Your hub screws are always turned off when you need them to be turned to 4X4.
  • If you own a 4WD and a 2WD, you’ll get stuck in mud in the 2WD car.
  • The road will be dry when you’re in the 4WD car.
  • The better the 4X4, the further into the sand/mud/forest it will get stuck.
  • There is no 4X4 better than a rental car
  • The speed at which a senior citizen drives his car is in direct correlation to the speed they drive their mobility scooters in the grocery store.

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